Track how you are feeling

Share how you feel during the day, and stay in sync with how your team members are doing.

With different timezone’s and habits, everyone is in a different mindset and that’s ok! While working remotely you can easily forget this.

With Tomeru you are able to share how you feel during the day in order to relate more to each other.

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keep your team in sync

During the day you are able to let your team members know how your are doing.

Sometimes this needs some context, thats why we build daily updates. So you can descirbe how your day was.

Share things that happend, where you worked on, any other experience that you want to share with your team.

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Why we build Tomeru

While working remote we all experienced moments when you are in a different mindset then your team members are, for example, you were working on bugs for the whole day, and the other person is just starting.

You feel maybe bit tired, stressed even? You colleague, super fit and full of energy.

And that’s fine.

But while working remote, you are not always aware of this.

That’s why we build Tomeru. To be more aware of your team members state of mind.

Are they productive, stressed, or had a great lunch?

During the day, you stop working for a moment, to reflect on how you are feeling. Even for yourself, it’s good to notice what is going on in your mind.

Once you update tomeru, you share this automatically with your team members, to be in sync in how you all are feeling.

You are able to finish your day with daily updates, to keep everyone up to date on what you’ve been working on.

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